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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Interview with Dmitri Timokhin and Anna Bezikova


Dmitri Timokhin and Anna Bezikova

from Russia

We met Dimitri and Anna when they were preparing for their lesson with Donnie Burns in the London studio. We watched their lesson with real pleasure - top teacher teaching the top Professional couple. Dimitri and Anna were very happy to give us an interview although they were very tired after several hours on the dance floor.

Who are they?

Anna Bezikova (from Russia) started dancing when she was eleven, quite late [Laughs ]. She danced for two years in her hometown, Tiumen, and then she moved to Dimitry's place when she was 13 years old. They've been dancing together for 13 years now.
Dmitri Timokhin(from Russia) started dancing when he was six, in his hometown, in Russia. Dmitri started with a little bit of folk dancing, but it didn't work. His mother liked Latin American, so at that age she booked him for Latin and Ballroom. He chose to dance only latin later, when he started dancing with Anna..
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Prevoshodnaja para :) i Tancujut tozje super!

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Da, tozhe nravitsja eta para ! =)


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