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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Who, in your opinion, has the best legs in the world? We are very spoiled in the ballroom; looking at fabulous feet and legs all the time, sometimes even perhaps taking their beauty for granted. Slavik, Karina, Jonathan, Katusha, to name just a few... all have classic dancer’s feet and legs. Enviable, mesmerizing, transcending technique yet built on technique, they are exquisite tools of the trade, and something aspiring dancers can work to achieve. Whether you are fond of women’s legs or men’s legs, there are certain qualities that command our attention: strength, suppleness, power, curves. And sexiness too, of course. Those legs produce almost animal-like movement, from the floor, through the body and extending into space. We’ve seen it, we love it, but how can WE get feet and legs like that?

Obviously, genetics plays a huge role in determining who gets the great legs. Some people seem born lucky. (Yulia Zagoruychenko has feet and legs seemingly from Heaven). Even without much training, someone with “just right” proportions and posture can stand up and look fairly decent on the floor. It is the TRAINING, however, that over many years time, develops mere potential into genius, and sculpts feet and legs to die for. While you are training to be the best dancer you can be, why not simultaneously develop your physical assets to their fullest? The ideal physical requirements may be slightly different for Standard and Latin, but basic physical soundness is required for success in both.

Three things you need are strength, control, and flexibility. There are countless exercises for the lower body, and many are great for dancing. Certainly, ballet training and pilates produce beautiful, fluid movement. These disciplines emphasize multiple-joint movement which translates well to ballroom dancing. However, we can also benefit from simple exercises which develop strength and control, that sculpt the legs and don’t leave you bulked up or stiff. With a balanced fitness program (cardio / strength / flexibility) your body should feel even more suited for dancing than before. In the case of some dancers, those hyperextended legs and ankles we drool over can actually be a liability. Excessive joint mobility without supportive strength can lead to injury and arthritis. Balancing strength with flexibility is even more important in their case.
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At 1:31 PM, Anonymous ME said...

Training is very important here. Even if you have week legs for dancing,training will help to improve them!!! Nothing is impossible.


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